With the digitization and mobilization of high precision and high integration of electronic instruments, the selection and countermeasure of noise source become more and more difficult.
Therefore, it requires us to enlarge the upper limit of the measuring frequency in specific measuring and to collect and save the complicated noise data to the largest extent corresponding to the annually-revised standards.
Based on these requirements, we carry out the development of EPX series software and the improvement of EP9, EP7 series software; moreover, we provide various users with the most suitable EMI measuring scheme and system.
No matter the user is a green hand or a practician, he can operate the EMI easily through the simple user interface. Accurate and efficient automation measurement can be accomplished from the simple measurement of EMI countermeasure to the final certified test.


Product Details


Basic Measuring Functions

  • Obtain frequency spectrum data.
  • Select the interfering frequency that should perform QP measuring.
  • Measure at the position of maximum radiation(turntable angle, antenna
  • height and position of absorbing clamp)
  • Perform QP measurement and AV measure for the interference wave level.
  • Display, output and save the measuring results.
  • Correspond the latest version of Windows operating system.
  • Optimize the hardware configuration.

Corresponding Standards

  • Consumer Equipment: CISPR, EN, ETS, FCC, VCCI, etc.
    Latest amendments for relative standards of measuring instruments
    “CISPR22, CISPR32, VCCI, etc…
    ” Radiated interference measuring with the upper limiting frequency of 6GHz.
    ISN (interference wave measuring for communication/telecommunication line terminal)
    CISPR16-1-1 Detector: AV, Peak, QP, CISPR-AV. Peak, QP, CISPR APD,  etc ….. Corresponding to new-type detector.
  • Wireless standard: TS51.010-1, TS34.121 (3GPP)
    Mobile Phones (GSM, WCDMA)
    EN300 328, EN301 893 (ETSI) Wireless LAN, Bluetooth.
  • Automobiles: 2004/104/EC, SAE, CISPR25, JASO
    Latest amendments for relative standards of measuring instruments:
    2004/104/EC: new automobile orders of EC
    CISPR25 Ed3: BB·NB judgment assign a detector.

System Software

EPX Series

  • EPX/RE : High Performance Radiated emission measurement and analysis software for commercial
  • EPX/CE: High Performance Radiated emission measurement and analysis software for commercial
  • EPX/VE : High Performance Radiated emission measurement and analysis software for vehicle & relative components

ES10 Series

  • ES10/RE : Evaluation and measuring software for radiated disturbance for commercial
  • ES10/CE : Evaluation and measuring software for conducted emission commercial
  • ES10/VE : EMI measuring software for vehicle and relative components.

EP5 Series

  • EP5/RE : Measuring software for radiated disturbance
  • EP5/RFP : Measuring software for disturbance power.
  • EP5/NSA : Measuring software for site attenuation
  • EP5/ME : Simple EMI measuring software.
  • EP5/RSE : Measuring software for radiate

-SVSWR measuring software




1. System for Radiated Emission (30MHz-40GHz)
The system uses an antenna to receive the radiation noise of the equipment under test (EUT), obtain the data of frequency spectrograph and perform the QP measurement for the receiver, carry out countermeasure against noises and process the final certified test.
With the extension of the 1GHz-40GHz frequency range, we carry out an optimal combination among the antenna, the preamplifier, the frequency spectrograph and the receiver in order to provide our customers with best suitable test system scheme.


2. System for Conducted Emission/ Radiated Magnetic Field (9kHz-30MHz)
The system obtains the conductive noise by using equipment such as artificial mains network or current probe and measures the frequency and level of noise by using frequency spectrograph and receiver.
Impedance stabilization network (ISN) can be also used for the communication line terminal corresponding to CISPR.


3. System for Testing Disturbance Power (30MHz-1GHz)
The system detects the noise power of EUT by using a power absorbing clamp and measures the frequency and level of noise by using frequency spectrograph and receiver. Use an automatic slide rail device of the absorbing clamp.


4. System for Testing Voltage of Antenna Terminal
As for AV equipment with coaxial antenna terminal, use frequency spectrograph and receiver to measure the frequency and level of noise in accordance with CISPR13.


5. System for Testing Site Attenuation
In order to measure the amount of attenuation, such system performs the semiautomatic measurement by using dipole antenna and performs the automatic measurement by using broad-band antenna. The Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) is corresponded to the three antennas method or based on ANSIC63.4.


6. Test System of Site Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (SVSWR)
The system is used for the SVSWR method to perform site evaluation for GHz frequency. And the system can perform a high-reproducibility measurement through a dedicated transmission antenna positioner.


7. Test System for Radiated Spurious Emission
The system is used for detecting the radiated spurious emission of mobile phones, wireless LAN and other equipment and is capable of performing the actual radiation power detection and stray detection corresponding to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standard and European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) standard.