Toyo Emission Solution

For EMI:
Radiated Emission
Conducted Emission

Concept: RE& CE test is to check the EUT emission level either through radiated or conducted propagation from the environmental condition.

EN55011, (CISPR11, ISM radio frequency equipment)
EN55013 (CISPR 13, Broadcast receivers & associated equipment) 
EN55022 (CISPR 22, Information technology equipment)
FCC (Connection of terminal equipment to the telephone network)
EN55014-1 (CISPR 14-1, household appliances)

Overall System Integration involved: EMI receiver, Spectrum Analyzer, LISN, Bilog Antenna, Horn Antenna, Preamp, Toyo Software EP5/RE & CE, RF Switch Selector & etc.
Regardless of the system hardware or software, JS Denki always able to provide you the professional EMC turnkey solution to meet your requirements.