Pacific Power Power Supply

Pacific Power Power Supply

Programmable AC and DC Power Source


The AFX Series consists of a range of High Power Switching AC, DC and AC+DC capable Power Sources covering a power range from 6 kVA to 90 kVA and higher if needed. All AFX models offer single, split and three phase output configurations. The AFX is a state-of-the-art design using the latest digital power conversion technologies. Power density is among the highest in the industry allowing 15 kVA/kW of power in only 4U (7″) of rack space.

Great emphasis has been placed on energy efficiency, ease of installation, and maximum power per cubic inch of rack space. Control and operational features provide a high degree of application versatility and ease of use for the test engineer. Applications range from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic immunity testing and sophisticated transient simulation.

Power conversion within the AFX Series is achieved by digitally controlled, high frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in cool, quiet and efficient operation. Some AFX models can be upgraded by customer service to provide higher power output using our POWER FLEX upgrade program.

About Product

Key Features

Key Features Provide Application Versatility

  • AC Output, DC Output, AC+DC Output
  • DC, 15 to 1,200 Hz Frequency Range
  • Single, Constant Power mode 312V L-N/540V L-L/425Vdc voltage range offers wider operating range
  • Precision True-RMS metering of Volts, Amps, Power, VA, Power Factor and Crest Factor
  • Available PPSC Manager Windows grapical user interface
  • Also compatible with legacy UPC Studio graphical user interface
  • 1, 2 or 3 Phase Switch Selectable Output from front panel or bus command
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, THD and Arbitrary waveforms
  • Available in 208-240V or 380-480V 3 Phase AC input with Active PFC
  • 99 stored programs for both static and dynamic Transient Testing
  • Continuous Self Calibration (CSC)
  • Precision Voltage Programming – 0.02% with CSC engaged in AC and DC modes
  • Standard Models in Power Levels from 6 kVA to 90 kVA
  • Standard RS-232, USB and Ethernet Interface with SCPI compatibility
  • LXI Compliant LAN/Ethernet with embedded web server
  • IVI Instruments drivers
  • CE (EMC/Safety) and Nemko (Safety) Marks
  • POWER FLEX upgrade program allows units to be retrofitted for higher power output


Power Source Specifications

Output Frequency:
DC, 15 to 1,200 Hz. Full Power

Output Modes:

Phase Output Modes:
Single (1), Split (2) and Three Phase (3)

AC Voltage Range:
0 – 300 Vrms L-N / 0-520 Vrms L-L Constant Power Mode
(0-312 Vrms L-N / 0 – 540 Vrms L-L AC output available up to 9kVA per unit, 45-100Hz)

DC Voltage Range:
0 – 425 Vdc Constant Power Mode

Mechanical Specifications

All AFX models are designed for operation in 19 inch equipment racks. Models above 15 kVA require parallel operating of one AFX Master unit and one or more auxiliary no-controller (NC) units. Models 3300AFX through 3600AFX are available as cabinet systems with all internal input and output wiring, terminal blocks and parallel connections included.

Standard 19 inch rack. Slide rails are available as an option for all AFX units.

See model table above for panel or cabinet height.

Approximately 25 inch, from the front panel to the rear of the chassis.

Front forced air intake with rear exhaust. Automatic Fan Speed Control for low acoustic noise and extended fan life. The available energy saving sleep modes of the AFX result in low power consumption during idle periods and extend the life of the product.

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