Toyo IM5/RS Solution

Toyo IM5/RS Solution

An optimal system can be constructed according to your needs with the Radiation Immunity Measurement Software IM5/RS as the core.

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An optimal system can be constructed according to your needs with the Radiation Immunity Measurement Software IM5/RS as the core. TOYO proposes a measurement system in accordance with your requirements and budget, including a selection of antennas, amplifiers, electric field sensors, and RF cables in order to achieve a uniform electric field and electric field strength.

IEC61000-4-3 Edition 3-compliant radiation immunity test
Vehicle Directive 2004/104/EC, ISO11452-1/2, SAE, JASO
Electric field strength: 10V/m or more, distance 1m-3m
Frequency: 80MHz - 6GHz (up to 40GHz)
Electric field uniformity measurement and automatic check functions
Latest windows OS-compatible software IM5/RS

Conducted Immunity Measurement System

TOYO can offer a measurement system with the Conducted Immunity Measurement Software IM5/CS as its core in accordance with your requirements, including a selection of various network systems, measurement system calibration tools, and their calibration procedure software, in addition to a selection of signal generators and RF amplifiers.

IEC61000-4-6-compliant conducted immunity test
Test level: 10V (EMF) or more
Frequency: 150 kHz – 80MHz (9 kHz – 230MHz)
Latest windows OS-compatible software IM5/CS
Vehicle Directive (BCI) 2004/104/EC, ISO11452-4

CISPR20 Immunity Measurement System

eg: Digital Broadcasting Receiver Equipment, TV/Video/DVD and Audio products.

The TS9989 system automatically measures the immunity characteristics of television, DVB, DVD, video, and audio related equipment against interference. Since this system conducts tests on a large number of measurement items (input immunity (S1), immunity to conducted voltages (S2), immunity to radiated fields (S3), immunity to conducted currents (RFI), and shielding effectiveness (S4) tests), the measurement function of this system is extremely complicated and it takes much longer than a general immunity measurement. The use of dedicated software, however, enables you to perform the tests efficiently and without wasting time. It can also significantly reduce the task of preparing a list and graph of the measurement results. Two types of basic systems are available, namely for television/video immunity measurement and audio immunity measurement.

Automated S1, S2, RFI, S3, and S4 tests in compliance with the EN55020 standard
Compliance with CISPR20 Edition 5 Amendment 1 (2002-10)
Multi-standard (6 types) compliance with various countries’ TV broadcasting systems
Improved reliability with automatic calibration function
The latest windows OS-compatible software IM5/A, IM5/V, IM5/S4


Immunity Measurement Software

IM5/RS Radiation field immunity measurement software

IM5/CS Conducted immunity measurement software

EMC Measurement Software for Audio and Video Equipment

IM5/A Audio immunity measurement software

IM5/V TV/video immunity measurement software

IM5/S4 Screening effectiveness measurement software

EMC Measurement Software for Vehicles

VI5/RS 95/54/EC (Vehicle Directive) immunity measurement software

IM5/CS BCI immunity measurement software

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