extends MIG-OS-MB to L5+ test levels
Single Stroke Generator according to DO-160 section 22
DO-160 and MIL-STD-461G level 3 indirect lightning generator. All 6 waveforms for PIN, single/multiple stroke and multiple burst.
Generator for complete aircraft testing with reduced current amplitude max 5kA, maximum energy 26kJ, WF1 6.4/70µs.
Generator for DO-160 / ED-14 Section 22 indirect lightning test on aircraft
Extensions for DO-160 / ED-14 WF6H, 0.224/4µs Impulse. 14 pulses Multiple Burst only.
Coupling transformer for cable bundle test up to max. level 3200V.
Coupler for WF5A V/I max 2000V/2000A to MIG0600MS
Large diameter injection probe for DO-160 section 22 and MIL-STD-461G CS117 cable bundle tests with AVI3000
Coupling trafo for cable induced and ground injection
3000W Single phase Power Source with pre-programmed voltage & frequency combinations
External emergency stop switch
External Red and Green warning lamps
Coaxial test tip for pin injection designed for use with MIG-OS-MB and MIG-OS-MB-EXT.
0.1 ohm current shunt