Impulse generators with voltage outputs for testing electronic equipment in aircraft. Systems available for PIN injection, single stroke, multiple stroke and multiple burst.

extends MIG-OS-MB to L5+ test levels
DO-160 and MIL-STD-461G level 3 indirect lightning generator. All 6 waveforms for PIN, single/multiple stroke and multiple burst.
Military test system with Plugins for MIL-STD-461 or DO-160 tests
plug in to the MIG-OS-MB-EXT. Double exponential wave 0.1/6.4 for single pulse generation or first stroke of a multiple stroke sequence
Extends the MIG-OS-MB for single stroke and first stroke testing according DO-160 / ED-14 WF3: 10MHz.
Large diameter injection probe for DO-160 section 22 and MIL-STD-461G CS117 cable bundle tests with AVI3000
Coupling transformer for cable bundle test up to max. level 3200V.
Voltage coupling trafo for voltage waveform WF4 and WF5A coupling
Voltage probe for impulses up to 4kV
External Red and Green warning lamps
Differential voltage probe for impulses up to 7kV
External emergency stop switch