Impulse voltage generator with 40ohm output impedance for testing insulation properties of electronic circuits and insulation barriers.

MIG1203 with STEP function
Test cabinet made of acrylic glass, With interlock safety switch.
Voltage probe for impulses up to 4kV
External emergency stop switch
Audio/Video and ITE network
Differential voltage probe for impulses up to 7kV
Network for MIG1203 STEP. Voltage range up to 10kV in accordance with IEC / EN 60065
External Red and Green warning lamps
Impulse Insulation Testers from 500 V to 30 kV
Insulation Tester 1.2/50 up to 48 kV and 8/20 up to 3kA
Insulation tester 1.2/50 with two source impedances: 48 Ohm and 500 Ohm. Up