60 V / 80 V / 160 V / 240 V / 320 V / 500 V / 1000 V / 1500 V / 2000 V / 3000 V

9 kW / 18 kW / 27 kW / 36 kW / 45 kW / >108…2000+ kW

modularly scalable

up to 44 power supply modules, serial / parallel / combined

Voltage dynamics:

Voltage rise time 10% – 90%: <200 µs

Voltage fall time 90% – 10%: <200 µs

AC Power Supply

The AC Power Supply series offers versatile full digital, full 4 quadrant 3-phase AC power sources. It functions as a 3-in-1 configuration, including a 3-phase grid simulator with active outputs, a built-in 4-Quadrant 1 to 3-phase power amplifier, and a programmable RLC-load mode. With high switching frequency, it covers a wide frequency range and offers exceptional modulation bandwidth. The system’s applications include power testing, evaluation, and simulation in various fields, while its compact modular design allows for scalability and ease of operation.

  • Programmable Bidirectional AC Power Sources
  • Regenerative, full four quadrant source / sink AC power source,
    including bidirectional DC operation
  • 30 kVA up to MVA range

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DC Power Supply

The DC Power Supply introduces programmable regenerative DC sources with advanced technology. Offering high control dynamics, exceptional accuracy, and a wide current-voltage range with auto-ranging, it supports a versatile range of applications. With features like full power regeneration, efficiency, and modular scalability, the DC Power Supply series is available in turn-key cabinet solutions and offers various control options for enhanced user experience. This series is part of BOLAB’s family, delivering superior performance and tailored solutions for diverse power supply needs.

  • Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supplies
  • Compact regenerative, two quadrant source / sink DC power supply
  • 9 kW up to MW range

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With the BOLAB AnyWave control unit, you have full control over your power supplies and the ability to execute any waveform you desire. Whether it’s simple sine waves, complex signal shapes, or specific test profiles, you can effortlessly generate and apply the desired waveforms to your power supplies. The intuitive operation allows for easy control and adjustment of the waveform according to your requirements. With the BOLAB AnyWave control unit, you have the flexibility and precision to successfully conduct your tests and measurements.


The BOLAB AnyWave control unit offers seamless control over various power supplies and 4-quadrant amplifiers via the analog interfaces. It features two analog outputs, allowing for synchronous delivery of two waveforms to different power supplies or 4-quadrant amplifiers. The unit supports sampling rates of up to 2.8 MS/s (16-bit) and 250 kS/s (16-bit).


The BOLAB WaveMaster software is a powerful and user-friendly tool that stands out globally. Even without any software development expertise, creating both simple and complex waveforms is a breeze. The graphical waveform editor enables the rapid generation of customized curves, while tabular input allows for instant production of various waveform types.

WaveMaster + AnyWave

The BOLAB WaveMaster software and the BOLAB AnyWave control unit provide seamless control over power supplies and 4-quadrant amplifiers through analog interfaces.

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