About Us

Js Denki

Js Denki is a 100% EMC Test & Measurment Solution Company, the most Professional,Advanced & Reliable EMC Test System Integrator.

JS Denki Pte.Ltd established in Singapore on August 2002 as a leading system integrator with the core business in supplying, installing as well as to providing services support of the EMC test equipments and system across China & Asia pacific region.

JS Denki handled many project throughout the years. We had experience in the setup of Radiated/Conducted Emission and Immunity Measurement System.

JS Denki provides the most effective EMC solutions that deliver the best value of the expectation to the customers, with excellence in the configuration and delivery of systems by integrating products from established world-leading suppliers. JS Denki is a 100% EMC test & measurement Solution Company. We are fully committed in EMC field as we are having a very experienced & professional team of EMC engineers, who can offer you the technical support & the valuable advice on EMC field of solution.

JS Denki started its Malaysia branch – JS Denki Sdn Bhd in Sep 2004. The office is located in Kuala Lumpur & Penang. In China, JS Toyo Corporation started its operation officially in May 2008.

Capability – One Stop Solution

  • EMI: Radiated & Conducted Emission
  • EMS: Radiated & Conducted Immunity
  • Transient: ESD, Burst, Surge, PQT, Power/Pulsed Magnetic, Harmonic & Flicker
  • Automotive Vehicle/Component Test for car marker eg: Toyota, GM, Ford & etc.
  • Wireless Testing:
    eg: Antenna measurement, Over the Air (OTA), SAR, Spurious Emission, Audio Breakthrough
  • RF Testing: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, Bluetooth, Wifi & etc.
  • Shielding: Anechoic Chamber, Shielded Room, GTEM
  • RF & EMI Scanner board & Near field Probe solution
  • System Calibration, Instrument Calibration & maintenance

Our customer support is the very best!

Our Strength & Unique System Solution:

We are generally have to be good at matching customers’ needs with existing products. We will tend to benefit from being a generalist, includes a substantial amount of diagnostic and troubleshooting work as well as the ability to research existing products and software components.


We do able to communicate with multiple languages to our clients.

Choose us for English, Mandarin, Bahasa, Japanese, Cantonese, & etc.

 Response Time

We have local experienced team presence in the region to take the response when there’s problem occur.

Independent, quick response to do diagnostic to the system either onsite, or remote by phone call, Skype, wechat, whatspps, sms, email & etc.

 System Performance

Most users of integrated systems are satisfied with how the technology operates, which demonstrates that in general, user friendly & easy to use.

 Software and Device Compatibility

Our software products are compatible to control for almost of the brand & wide range of model of hardware devices.

It also support to PC OS Window like, XP, Window 7, or latest.

Excellent feature to do self-diagnostic function for the instruments

International Standard test library is given, or feely to align own preference parameter for testing.

Reporting format is suite to most of the official test laboratory’s requirement.

Ecosystem on sharing for RF Wireless & EMC knowhow

We are always trying to keep the best practices on sharing the latest & new trend of the technology that developed by according to International Standard eg: CISPR, IEC, EN & etc.

Customer’s feedback & update between in among at this field is highly appreciated which can benefit to others too.

 Project Management

We are providing the project management to help for arranging the schedule planning, delivery, drawing, system configuration, & commissioning.

Training & Maintenance

After sales support is very important for system integration.

It could be a nightmare due to system down & it causes the project delay, consuming a lot of time on resolving the problem.

We do providing the yearly maintenance plan to our client.

System Calibration, System Upgrading, Standard Updating

We provide training according to EMC Standard requirements.

3 levels of training: Operating, EMC standard and System Calibration

Besides, onsite training will be given by our well trained Professional Technical Manager.